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Chipping Distance Control

In case you’re not sure about what clubs to use when you’re chipping, I have some advice to give you for your golf short game. I’ve been a big advocate of using a 5, 7, and a 9: a 9-iron for your short chip shots, a 7-iron for your medium length chip shots, and a 5-iron for your longer chip shots.

The reason? Because you can use one golf swing, and let the different golf clubs control the distance.

For instance, a 9-iron chip shot will make the golf ball go about 30 feet. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s 30 feet for everybody in the world. Some of you might only chip your 9-iron chip shots 15 feet. Some of you might go 35.

But the way I like to do it is on an average-size green. My 9-iron chip shots go to the front third, my 7-iron goes to the middle third, and the 5-iron goes to the back third.

Golf Swing

So, for your golf short game, if you use the same golf swing, but change to a 7-iron, you will see the difference is in the length that the golf ball goes. It’s the same golf swing, but now, the golf ball will go maybe 50 feet. And, lastly, if you use your 5-iron, it’ll go maybe 100 feet.

Here’s another thing that will be helpful for your golf short game. If you’re in the front of the green and it’s a steep green and the pin is in the middle of the green, maybe you chip that with a 5-iron, because it’s so steep.

If you’re on a flat green, 9-iron, 7-iron, 5-iron.

If you’re on a steep green and you’re in the back, maybe a 9-iron for all the different distances coming down the hill, because it’s so much quicker.

The next time you’re out, try that.

By Bobby Eldridge

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Bobby Eldridge is a Teaching Golf Professional for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory. You can check out PurePoint Golf here

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