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I’m going to tell you a great way to become your best teacher.

The next time you go to the practice facility, pick out a nice green patch of grass. And after you have hit balls for 10 or 15 minutes, walk back behind the golf ball and look and see where your divots are going.

If these divots are going to the left, that means your club head is coming out to in and across the golf ball.

On the other hand, if after a few minutes of practising you look up and see that you have divots going to the right, or that you’re hitting the ball real thin, this divot would tell me that you’re swinging too much from in to out.

So, here’s a golf swing tip that will tell you how to correct it.

Full Swing

For those of you that find that the divots are going left, every time you get ready to hit a golf ball, simply put this club along your shoulder line and check to make sure that you’re not aiming miles over to the left. That’s probably what you’re doing. You’re standing with your shoulders aimed left and that’s why you’re seeing divots going to the left.

If you’re hitting golf balls for a few minutes and you see your divots going to the right, your shoulders are probably way over to the right.

So, here’s another golf swing tip that will help you correct it.

For those of you that discover your shoulders are going left, put the ball back in your stance a little bit.

For those of you that find out that your shoulders are aimed way right, put the ball a little further forward in your stance.

Try those golf swing tips the next time you’re out and I promise they’ll help you.

Thanks and have a great day.

By Bobby Eldridge

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Bobby Eldridge is a Teaching Golf Professional for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory. You can check out PurePoint Golf here

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