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The Golf Lesson Paradox

Would you purchase anything without a guarantee? Whether it’s a personal grooming product or exercise equipment, we want some kind of assurance before clicking the PayPal button.

The warranty terms may vary from twenty-four hours to thirty days, but the basic premise is, that as long as we follow the terms outlined in the promotional literature, our satisfaction is guaranteed.

Is it possible to offer a money-back guarantee for golf lessons? In most sports, we see glimpses of improvement immediately. This reinforces our belief in the validity of the instructors advice.

Golf instruction is unique – there are no guarantees.

Do you believe that you have to get worse before you get better? Why pay someone to show you how to play worse? This prevailing attitude is hardly conducive to parting with your hard-earned cash.

Based on my teaching experience over the past thirty years, I’ve come to the conclusion that most students regard golf lessons as a weakness; it’s downright embarrassing to admit (to yourself and golfing buddies), that you can’t figure out how to correct the chronic slice that keeps coming back every year.

Why do the majority of average golfers forego professional instruction and struggle with self-analysis in the hope of finding a “cure”?

Let’s look at a common misconception regarding the value of professional instruction.

Misconception Number One: Improving versus Eliminating

One of the biggest roadblocks to improvement is the belief that a recurring problem can be permanently “fixed”. The golf swing will always be a work in progress. Every one of us has natural tendencies that continue to re-appear, regardless of how hard we work to eliminate them. The value of lessons is understanding how to reduce the severity of the problem.

What should you expect from one lesson?

The majority of once-a-week golfers struggle with a chronic slice, which invariably leads to one or more penalty strokes.

If you can learn how to hit the fairway fifty percent of the time, then the lesson was productive. Now you have the tools to continue to improve. The primary goal is to keep the ball in play.

Expecting to completely eliminate a recurring slice in one lesson is unfair to you and the instructor. The golf swing will always be a work in progress. In the next article, we look at another common misconception that creates a stigma around professional instruction for the once-a-week golfer.

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The key to guaranteed improvement is clarifying your expectations. Seeking professional assistance to permanently correct a recurring problem is unrealistic. Setting realistic goals and constantly modifying them will eliminate the drastic ups and downs that plague the majority of “average” golfers.

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