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Golf Instruction Tip – Full Swing

Fortunately, if there’s one really great thing that’s happened in golf instruction tips in the last, maybe ten years, people aren’t writing about it as much, people aren’t talking about it as much, but it’s still important.

It’s, “What does the head do during the golf swing?”

Now, up until ten years ago, every time someone hit a shot and topped it, the golf instruction tip everybody would give was, “You lifted your head. You need to keep your head down.”

Well, here’s the great news. That wasn’t always the case. It was sometimes, but not always the case.

But let me tell you what role the head plays because I have a golf instruction tip that is equally as important. You should not keep your head down throughout the entire swing. That would be just as wrong as if you were lifting your head up in the downswing.

Golf Stance

So, there’s a very fine combination of what the head should do. So, here we go.

As the golf club swings back, the head hasn’t moved at all and your eyes are on the back of the golf ball. Now, in the downswing, as the arms unwind and the left hip starts to get out of the way, the golf club’s going to swing to the bottom of the hip.

At that point, the speed of the right arm is going to start to pull you around.

So, the speed of the arms and hands are what pull you up and around. So, you can keep your head down as long as you like without forcing it down, and then the speed of the arms and hands coming past the golf ball turn you and pull you through.

So, here is the golf instruction tip again, keep your eye on the back of the ball, swing your arms up and down, and let the speed of the arms turn your head as you turn through.

Thanks, and I hope that helped you.

By Bobby Eldridge

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Bobby Eldridge is a Teaching Golf Professional for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory. You can check out PurePoint Golf here

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