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Quick Golf Tips To Beat The Wind

What is the most common and most difficult condition a golfer will face on a regular basis while on the golf course? Any golfer would answer the wind. The wind on a golf course can influence not only the flight of a golf ball but also the roll of a golf ball as well. Wind will change conditions by drying out fairways and greens so they are firmer and faster. With high winds you need to have patience as well as mental toughness.

Most amateurs underestimate the wind. The wind will influence a shot more if it is not hit as solidly as others. Since an amateur typically does not hit a shot as solid as a professional golfer, an amateurs shot is affected more by the wind. Common mishits such as a high slice into a wind will get punished and are at the winds will. A professional will adjust by adding a club for every ten mph of head wind. Logic tells you an amateur will need even more.

On the green by Selanee Henderon

Especially off of the tee, it is human nature to think that you would need to swing harder into a head wind. This is where many amateurs make a vital golf swing mistake. Swinging harder, you will have a tendency to mis-hit golf shots. In addition, the harder swing will place more back spin on the golf ball. The backspin will take the golf ball up into the wind, resulting in an uncontrollable loss of distance.

You will find that it will be much harder to keep your rhythm while playing golf in the wind. Using an old golf adage will help .When it is breezy, swing easy. Taking more club and swinging smoothly will help get the ball under the wind.

Keep in mind that no matter what skill level you are currently, your accuracy in the wind is going to be more erratic. A few of the “good golf shots” that you hit will not have the ending they deserve. Keep a conservative game plan and understand the rest of the golfers are fighting the same wind as you.

Make a pact with yourself prior to the round that the conditions are difficult and all you can do is go out and hit as many solid golf shots as possible. Understanding that you are going to hit some good golf shots with not so good results, will help when you begin to feel frustration of the wind.

By: Max Johnson.