Why This Target Technique Will Give You A Better Golf Swing!

Achieving a better golf swing takes practice coupled with good technique. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Trouble with most social golfers who aspire to a better game is by the time they get around to learning some golfing technique, they’ve reached a stage where they have consigned themselves to immortal mediocrity!

Are you in this category or are you just interested in achieving a better golf swing? Believe me I was in the former category at one stage and I know how most non-professional players are thinking. But do you know it didn’t really take much coaching to swing my game around quickly and in the end, not only did I achieve a better golf swing but I saved myself walking an extra five miles around a golf course!

Better Golf Swing Techniques

A better golf swing is achieved through habit forming. What I mean by this is by committing the action of the swing to thought, continual practice of the technique will eventually be committed to memory and you’ll find in time, your natural instinct will be to swing the club the correct way without thinking about the shot too much. When you’re on the course during a game however, your thought process should shift more on where you intend landing the ball.

One of the problems with most inexperienced golfers is they think too much about their swing. Standing over the ball and wondering whether you are going to swing the club correctly for too long a time will only delay the inevitable. A skewed shot, left or right or even worse, completely missing the ball… embarrassing!

Golf Stance

Target Technique

A technique taught to me which had a profound effect in my achieving a better golf swing was choosing a spot down the fairway where I wanted to land the ball and then trying to land as close to that spot as possible. I had to train my mind away from how I was going to swing the club and to say it wasn’t easy is an understatement. Eventually, after many hours of practice, I began to think more of where the ball was going to be hit than my swing technique and the transformation was enormous.

The aim of this technique was to get me concentrating more on the projection of the ball; in other words, it got me thinking ahead and took my thought away from my swing. Sometimes a golfer can try too hard and forget to relax. This method will teach you how to relax more instead of gripping the club handle too tightly wondering whether you will get enough backlift on your swing or whether the club head will connect with the ball cleanly.

It won’t happen overnight with this method however, with plenty of practice, a better golf swing should be the end result.

By Dean Caporella.

About the Author
Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster.

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